Weekendtrip to Barcelona

Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain and is well established as one of Europe’s most beloved vacation destinations.  Located in the northeast portion of the country, Barcelona is right on the edge of the Balearic Sea (Mediterranean) and it’s not too far from the French boarder, making it attractive to people who want make the most of a European adventure. Hotels in the area are always happy to provide tourist with interesting ideas for day trips and weekend excursions to places around western Europe. It’s the cosmopolitan/metropolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia district and is world renowned for its incredible architecture, colorful history and amazing hotel accommodations.

The city is a must-visit for tourists with a love of art and culture. The fantastic five-star hotels reflect that love with impressive architecture and world class comfort. The Mercer Hotel, for example, Barcelona’s most popular attraction is the incredible (and unfinished) Sagrada Familia; a Roman Catholic cathedral that’s 136 years in the making and features hauntingly beautiful late-gothic architecture elements. It’s unlike any other structure in existence and draws admirers from across the globe. Another necessary destination in Barcelona is the Casa Mila. Also known as “The Stone Quarry” because of its unusal, rough-hewn design is a modern museum/musical venue that acts as the city’s musical and artistic epicenter. The venue brings in some of the most incredible musicians and artists to demonstrate their craft. The art scene is a big reason why Barcelona is the 20th most visited city in the world! If you travel to the southern part of the city, you’ll find one of the most beautiful and well known beaches in the world.

White sand, pristine landscaping and crystal clear water await travelers to Port Olimpic and La Barceloneta (home of the famous W hotel, right on the water’s edge). Just south of the city centre is over 5 kilometers of perfect beaches. Sun and surf are a large part of what makes Barcelona so attractive to tourists. As with most of the world’s most popular getaway destinations, the city has left an incredible culinary impression on the world. Some of the best food in the world is served right in Downtown Barcelona. Uma, Santa Rita Experience, My Way. Viana and Con Gracia have all been featured in travel books, Food Network specials and are regularly included in “best of” and “top-ten” lists of the best restaurants in Europe. Spanish staples such as paella and gazpacho are found in abundance throughout the city. Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for those who love art, culture, flavor and fun!